iPhone 6 (Rumours) vs HTC One M8: Best Of 2014 Compared

April 7, 2014

These are the two handsets we're genuinely most excited about in 2014... Here are two of our most anticipated handsets of the year, ready to do battle. The iPhone 6 is a long way off still with a launch in September or later expected. Even though it’s a long way off, we are seeing rumours and titbits of information coming in every couple of days. It means we can give a pretty good prediction of what the handset will entail. HTC’s One M8 is now fully uncovered. After almost the entire handset specs leaking, we now have had some time to play around with the handset and give a proper first impression of what it’s like. There’s the brand new re-styled body for one which makes it substantially better than its predecessor. There’s also a brand new processor included alongside Android 4.4 KitKat. On top of that there’s also a brand new dual-camera setup and a load of other features. Here we are going to work through all the rumoured features and changes for the iPhone 6 and compare it to the brand new HTC One M8. Without further a-do, let’s get stuck in.


With the HTC One M8, HTC has taken the popular HTC One’s design, kept the best parts and gone back to the drawing board with the rest. The main thing you’ll notice is that most of the phone’s various facets, which were once flat and angular, are now curved, tapered and contoured. This makes the whole device look far more sleek and sophisticated than its predecessor, but it also ensures it’s enjoyable to operate as it sits more comfortably in the hand too. HTC has changed the finish with an eye-catching brushed aluminium texture and a gloss clear coat on top to keep things smooth. The handset features the same end-cap design as before, complete with punched front-facing stereo speaker grilles. "I've had a chance to use the device, and the first thing that struck me was the metal casing and design. There's no doubt the HTC One (M8) is a beautiful object; it's certainly on my shortlist of this year's most attractive devices. HTC will be hoping that potential buyers will be won over the moment they pick one up," wrote Ben Wood, analyst at CSS Insights. Nothing concrete is known about the iPhone 6. We’ve seen leaks, but their authenticity is uncertain at this stage. It seems likely, however, that we’ll see a return of an aluminium build one way or another. Plenty of sources suggest we’re in for something of an extensive design overhaul. There’s talk of an enlarged iPhone 6 with something in the region of a 4.5-inch display, but there are also allegations of an accompanying larger model at anything from 4.7-inches and up. However, in any scenario it’s thought that as with the iPad Mini and iPad Air, Apple will attempt to keep the handset slim and compact, with a narrower bezel, ensuring that even though the screen may expand by quite a bit we will not be looking at a massive iPhone like the Nokia Lumia 1520 or Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Other sources indicate we may see the display made from ultra-tough Sapphire Glass, the same material Apple already uses to reinforce sensitive components such as the Touch ID button on the iPhone 5S and a protective layer over the camera lens. Hopefully this will mean we’ll see fewer cracked iPhone screens while out and about.

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