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Has your gaming life come to a halt because of faulty equipment? Let us help you with video game console repair. Our technicians can locate the problem with your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.and get it ready for your next gaming adventure. We understand that you like to play as hard as you work, and your competitive spirit needs the next challenge that your game console has to offer. You can trust us to handle your console with great care. Let us take care of your repair needs so that you can get back to enjoying your favorite games. Just bring your console to our local store, or follow our mail-in repair instructions. Our technicians can fix your special device and have you conquering the next round of Fortnite in no time.


PlayStation 4 Console Repair


Whether you enjoy the classic experience of a PlayStation 2 or you love the latest features of the PlayStation 4, we can handle the repairs. We can also fix your mobile PlayStation Vita.


Xbox One Console Repair


If your preferred game console is an Xbox, we have the experience to diagnose the problem quickly. Our technicians are experts in the common problems and error codes unique to Xbox devices. We can repair your Xbox one, give us a call.


Nintendo Switch Console Repair


We can fix any of the various Nintendo game devices that you may have. If you have problems with your Nintendo 2ds or 3ds, we can help. If you prefer the active features of the  Nintendo Wii U or Nintendo Switch, we fix that, too.

Nintendo Wii U Repair


The Wii U can keep the kids entertained for hours – until it breaks! That’s when you need the help of Tex Fix DFW. From cracked screens and charging issues to lock ups and freezes, we get Nintendo Wii U repairs completed quickly – most often within 48 hours.


Do you have a Nintendo Wii U that got wet? We can usually get a water-damaged device up and running again as good as new. With more than 16 years of repair experience, we know what we’re doing. And because we carry most parts in stock, we don’t keep you waiting for repairs.


We combine our expert service and fast turn-around time with a six month warranty on parts and service to deliver truly the best Nintendo Wii U repair service available anywhere. Stop by any of our convenient locations or mail us your console. When you need help with a Nintendo Wii U, Xbox, or any other video game console, Tex Fix is the right choice.



PlayStation 4 Repair


Why wait weeks waiting for your PlayStation 4 to get fixed? At Tex Fix , we offer quick, affordable PlayStation 4 repair without hassles or delays.


We know how important your PlayStation 4 is to you and your family. This is why you need a professional and reliable repair service to restore your console back to proper working condition quickly. Because we maintain a large inventory of factory authorized parts, we can make most repairs within 48 hours, and often in less than a day. We also repair other gaming consoles, too!


We take our work very seriously and stand behind what we do by providing a limited lifetime warranty on parts and service. We quickly diagnose problems and make repairs so that you’re back to gaming as soon as possible. In the rare event that your PlayStation 4 is not fixable, we even provide a cash or trade-in offer.


Bring in your PlayStation 4 to our Wylie Tx store or mail it to us today. When you need console repair, Tex Fix  is the right choice.


PlayStation 3 Repair


If you’re in need of PlayStation 3 repair, you’ve come to the right place. Whether there’s a minor malfunction or major damage due to your console being dropped, you need a qualified technician who can diagnose the problems and make the necessary repairs.


From broken connections inside your PS3 to read errors and more, we have the expertise and parts to get your repairs made quickly and affordably. Don’t take chances by going to an unqualified technician. Tex Fix  is the leader in PlayStation 3 repair service. With our limited lifetime warranty on parts and labor, you’ll have the confidence knowing that your repairs are covered.


Have other electronic devices that need repairs? We fix everything from smartphones to PCs. Call us today to learn more.


Stop by one of our convenient locations nationwide for repair service you can count on. Or, use our mail in service by shipping your PlayStation 3 to your closest store location.


PlayStation Vita Repair


At Tex Fix , we don’t play games when it comes to PlayStation Vita repair. When you’re experiencing a glitch or malfunction with your gaming device, you want it fixed without hassles and delays. We get it!


Improper repairs can lead to more problems. This is why you want your repairs made by an expert technician who uses factory authorized parts and provides a warranty. At Tex Fix , this is exactly what we do. We have the experience and expertise to get your repairs completed right the first time, and with a limited lifetime warranty on parts and services, you’ll have the confidence knowing the job was done right. In the rare instances when a repair is not possible, we offer a cash or trade-in option to provide extra value to you.


We offer two convenient ways to get PlayStation Vita repair service. Drop off your device to our Tex Fix Wylie store or use our mail-in service. At Tex Fix, we make getting repairs easy and affordable.


Xbox ONE Repair


Has the gaming come to a screeching halt on your Xbox? When it’s malfunctioning, you need experienced Xbox repair service that is quick, affordable, and high quality. Xbox repair is not something to try and do yourself. These sophisticated consoles require an expert who is trained to troubleshoot problems and make the often intricate repairs that are needed. This is where Tex  Fix  comes in very handy!


At Tex Fix, we fix Xbox units each and every day. With excellent customer service and a large inventory of parts always on hand, we’re your go-to source when you want Xbox repair work done right the first time. When there is extensive damage to an Xbox that is simply not repairable, we even offer a cash or trade-in offer.


Common Xbox Repairs We Tackle Everyday

Discs not ejecting

Discs not reading

No sound

No picture

With dedications technicians in Wylie TX, there simply isn’t a better solution for Xbox repair than Tex Fix . We even offer a 6 month guarantee on parts and labor. Bring your Xbox One S or X to us for repairs or mail it to us using a tracking number and insurance. We’ll promptly provide you with a quote and a turnaround time. Often, we can make repairs the same day! And yes, we do fix other game console brands.


It’s our focus to keep you in the game at Tex Fix.


Xbox One


Is your Xbox One out of warranty and in need of repair? If so, you need a technical team who you can count on for correctly diagnosing and fixing your problem. When it comes to Xbox One repair service, there is simply no better choice than Tex Fix Wylie.


With more than 16 years of electronic device repair experience, we know what we’re doing and have the factory authorized parts in stock to get the job done quickly. From the dreaded Red Ring of Death to error codes and unit lock ups, we’ve seen every type of Xbox One problem.


Why take chances when it comes to an Xbox One repair provider? With Tex Fix , you get the reassurance knowing you’re working with a leading national repair provider of video game consoles and other electronic devices and you get a limited lifetime warranty or parts and service. And, if your Xbox One can’t be repaired, we will even offer you a cash or trade-in offer.


Stop by one of our stores located nationwide or mail in your console to your closest Tex Fix Wylie location. Convenient, fast, affordable, and quality – Tex Fix is your go-to source for all of your video game console repair needs.


Xbox 360


Whether your Xbox 360 is scratching discs, freezing up, not displaying a picture, or has an error code, Tex Fix  is your go-to team for getting repairs done right the first time. Don’t take chances with your Xbox 360 repair by going to an unproven, less than professional technician. At Tex Fix , our professional service team are experts at troubleshooting and repairing Xbox 360s, as well as many other electronic devices including smartphones and PCs.


Have you received the Red Ring of Death or an E74 error? Yes, we fix those problems, too! And, we fix them, fast. Because we carry a large inventory of parts, you’re not kept waiting for weeks for parts to come in. Often we can complete your Xbox 360 repair in less than a day. This lets you get back in the game as quickly as possible!


Request a repair today by either dropping off your Xbox 360 to one of our stores nationwide, or use our mail-in service. The choice is yours! It’s all about convenience and value at Tex Fix . We provide a six month warranty on parts and service and even give you a cash or trade-in offer if for some reason your console isn’t repairable.

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